How do you get the combobox selected item in a separate thread in C#?

How do you get the combobox's selected item from a separate thread in C#?

Thanks in anticipation.
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You can create a delegate function that returns the property value and in your thread function use the Invoke keyword on the control. However it's unclear when your thread begins either during the selection or the selection occurs before your thread starts. If it occurs before the thread starts you can pass the value or object into the thread parameter instead.
public void MyThread(object param)
	string value = string.Empty;
	if (this.ComboBox1.InvokeRequired) {
		GetComboSelectedTextDelegate d = new GetComboSelectedTextDelegate(GetComboSelectedText);
		value = this.ComboBox1.Invoke(d);
	} else {
		value = this.ComboBox1.SelectedItem;


private delegate string GetComboSelectedTextDelegate();
private string GetComboSelectedText()
	return this.ComboBox1.SelectedItem;

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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Because you specifically have multiple threads then you need to be certain the value isn't being changed whilst the thread is running (and wanting to get the value).

Have a think about your logic - maybe you need to store the value of the combobox and pass it to the thread rather than the thread requesting the value.
ArticAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to pass in the name of the comobox so that the method can be applied to different comboboxes?

Thanks in anticipation.
Aaron JabamaniTechnical ArchitectCommented:
A thread can't access UI Controls since they below to the main UI thread. Only way i think is you have to pass the value of the combox box as parameter to the thread which you are starting.

But threads can access public property. Try setting the value of the combo box value to public property and the thready reading it.

Look also BackgroundWorker class if it is for a windows application.
ArticAuthor Commented:
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