Apache mod_rewrite

I have a page "Index.php"

I'd like the url parameters passed to the script, but I'm not sure how many the user might pass...

url.com/dashboard - should redirect to index.php?action=dashboard

url.com/users/4000 - should redirect to index.php?action=users&data=4000

url.com/users/4000/free - should redirect to index.php?action=users&data=4000&extra=free

Could some one please help me out here ?

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trg_dkAuthor Commented:
Oh an I need to make a list of keywords NOT being redirected "images etc"

Thanks :)
Can you clarify what technologies you are using?

You talk about both Apache mod_rewrite and Microsoft IIS Web Server
trg_dkAuthor Commented:
Ohh, sorry wrong category :(

For this I am using Apache mod_rewrite

Sorry for that!
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Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
Here you go.

Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled in the httpd.conf and add the following rewrite rules.

RewriteEngine on

#url.com/dashboard - should redirect to index.php?action=dashboard
   RewriteRule ^dashboard/?$ index.php?action=dashboard [L]

#url.com/users/4000 - should redirect to index.php?action=users&data=4000
   RewriteRule ^dashboard/?$ index.php?action=$1&data=$2 [L]

#url.com/users/4000/free - should redirect to index.php?action=users&data=4000&extra=free
   RewriteRule ^([^/\.]+)/([^/\.]+)/([^/\.]+)$ index.php?action=$1&data=$2&extra=$3 [L]

trg_dkAuthor Commented:
Hades666, thanks for your reply. The Dashboard URL was only an exemple, it might as well be users, setup, profile or anything else.

I guess I need it to accept anything, besides a few reserved keywords (images/CSS/js...)

Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
We can make it anything as it is regex but again we need to know what to want to capture.

Provide everything you want to capture and not and we can build a rule up.

trg_dkAuthor Commented:
@hades666 thank you

I'd like to exclude images css admin static from the %1 of possible?

Thanks for your reply
trg_dkAuthor Commented:
I ended up doing it like this :

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
# Directories to ignore
RewriteRule ^(cms|css|images|img|admin|js|media|PFBC)(/.*)?$ - [L]
#RewriteRule ^(index\.php)$ - [L]
RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9]+)/([^/]*)/([^/]*)/?$     admin/index.php?action=$1&data=$2&extdata=$3  [NC]
RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9]+)/([a-z0-9]+)/?$     admin/index.php?action=$1&data=$2  [NC]
RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9]+)/?$     admin/index.php?action=$1  [NC]

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trg_dkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input, solved it using Google ;)
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