Project 2007 Automatically Emailing Resources

We have a few projects in Project 2007 and all the resources are listed. Is it possible (without using Project Server) for the application to email the resources with task reminders, deadlines etc or does this come with the server integration?
The same question applies to version 2010.
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Dr. Thomas HenkelmannConnect With a Mentor Director Consulting ServicesCommented:

unless you start coding the mail functionality in VBA there is no way to send mails from Project 2007/2010 client. The server does this in both versions and the reason is somehow obvious: the client would only send mails if "someone" opened all the projects, checks for due dates and then sends the reminders. The server is always "awake" and does this check on a daily base, then sends all the remninders and notifications.

Hope this helps even with the negative response.


clogau_goldAuthor Commented:
Thats all I needed to confirm. Thanks
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