Softcoding Awk file separator

I need to be able to soft code the Awk FS element, but the attached script doesn't do it, presumably because the awk program doesn't see the effectively external variable $SEPARATOR

Is this possible?  Ultimately I am trying to extract the part of the file name before the specified separator (in this case #), giving abc



echo $FILENAME	# Check we have filename part

echo $FILENAME | awk 'BEGIN { FS = "#" };  {print $1}'  # This works with hardcoded FS

echo $FILENAME | awk 'BEGIN { FS = "$SEPARATOR" };  {print $1}'  # This doesn't

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two options:

1) Use the "-F"  flag of awk:

awk -F"$SEPARATOR" '{print $1}'

2) Use quoting

echo $FILENAME | awk 'BEGIN { FS = "'$SEPARATOR'" };  {print $1}'

Note the single quotes ( ' ' ) directly around $SEPARATOR


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A solution using just bash ("Variable Editing"):

Or even without any external tools like "basename" or "awk":

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brothertomAuthor Commented:
Many thanks - used the awk -F flag
brothertomAuthor Commented:
As a matter of interest, what's going on in the FILENAME=${FULLFILEPATH##*"/"} code?

## means: delete the longest leftmost part of the variable's content up to (and including) the given expression (*"/" = a slash and everything before it).

%% means: delete the longest rightmost part of the variable's content up to (and including) the given expression ("$SEPARATOR"* = the separator character and everything which follows).

Thx for the points!


A single "#" or "%" means the shortest leftmost resp. rightmost part ...
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