SQL server 2005 to 2008 Upgrade in 15 mins

I have done SQL server upgrades using backup/restore and detach/attach.
I have a 150+GB database need to be upgraded to 2008 + latest patches within 15 mins downtime.
What options are available?
Can I use mirroring to replicate database at another node from 2005 to 2008 and at given point carry switchover?

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Backup\restore is the best option even with 15 minutes downtime.
Suppose you have 15 minutes downtime planned. So, do full backup before time i.e. some 3-4 hours before the planned downtime, restore it in the target server with norecovery, then 5 minutes before downtime, start differential backup, and then restore the differential at the target server with recovery and do your processing. It will be best.
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Sorry TempDBA,
I have thought of that but that is not what we want. 15 mins is too less for backup/restore. We need something robust.

Or you can go with setting up log-shipping. Take log backup every 2 minutes and restore it every 3 minutes.
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
You could test DIFFERENTIAL backup, depending on the activity level of your db.

Do a full backup and restore, with NORECOVERY, however long that takes.

Then after that completes, when the downtime starts, do a final DIFFERENTIAL backup, apply it to the previous backup with NORECOVERY (or RECOVERY), then a final:


You would need to test ahead of time and see if the differential backup takes less than 15 mins and what size it is.

If that doesn't work, you will have to use a more complex solution involving mirroring, replication or log shipping.

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crazywolf2010Author Commented:
So are we saying transaction log backup  from 2005 could be applied on 2008 without any issues?
I was thinking to setup mirroring between 2005-2008 using same log apply technique and switchover at one point.
Is it possible?
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Can you reply on my above query please?
Yes it is possible i.e. both database mirroring and log shipping.
The only thing once it is moved, you will have to change the compatibiilty mode to 100. And apart from that in log shipping, it won't be in standby mode. You can keep it in norecovery and when all logs are applied, restore with recovery. Check the following link:-

There is one another way which I couldn't think of in the morining. If it is in san environment, you can directly detach and attach the lun and then perform attach database on the new server. Same thing you can do with moving the hard-disk.
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Brilliant. Please let me try this and I will assign you the points.

Kid Regards
So, finally what was your take? what you tested and planned with?
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Hi TempDBA,
I had no time so far so I closed question than leaving it open.
I feel during Christmas and new year time there may be an opportunity to play with these things. I will try and do that.  It may not happen even then as there is a change freeze.

I will try and update you.


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