Datepart(dd, datefield) showing 1 digit for day when the day is less than 10

Hello experts:

Here's the sql:
select Lastbuild, (cast(datepart(YY,LastBuild) as VARCHAR(4))
  + '-'
  + cast(datepart(MM,LastBuild) as varchar(2))
  + '-'
  + cast(datepart(DD,LastBuild) as varchar(2)))
  from #tmpResults

Here's my input and the results:  

             lastbuild                          no col name
2011-11-29 19:59:21.410         2011-11-29
2011-12-06 08:08:42.157        2011-12-6

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Why not just use convert?

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(10), LastBuild, 120)
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