Open Camera programatically from web application

I was wondering if there is a way to open the camera automatically from web application browsed on the Android tablet.

I am using the input tag like this..

input type="file" accept="capture=camera" id="camera" runat ="server"

With this, If i click on choose file button, I am getting options like camera and the user needs to click the camera option to open the camera. I would like to do that programatically.

I don't want the user to click anything. Everything i would like to do in my code.

Idea being, In my timer i want to check a variable and based on that value, i want to open the camera through my code.

Do you think it is possible?

P.S: This application will be browsed from tablets. Mostly android.

Appreciate the help
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Not going to happen.  That is a user control and it is called that because it belongs to the user.  Would you use a device that let someone control it remotely without your permission?

shahjagatAuthor Commented:
Hello COBOLdinosaur,

  Thank you. Just wanted to confirm that.

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