Migrating to a new ISP -Exchange Process

Hello and Merry Xmas,

I am changing to a new ISP and I was wondering if  anybody has a check list or process of what needs to be done.

to make sure I don't stop getting email..... I need my users to still be able to access OWA

I have a server 2008 with 2007 exchange, domain hosting is at Godaddy.

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That really depends on how your network is setup.

If your exchange server is configured with public ip and you don't have any firewall with NAT capability between your exchange and ISP then you need to wait till the the switch over and then you need to update your OWA A record and MX record on your godaddy DNS to new ip and any other A record relates to your server. The DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to be in effect and you might loose some of the inbound emails so plan this kind of swith over weekend.

If your exchange server is configured with private IP you have firewall with NAT available i would suggest you check your firewall device if it is possible to configure two ISP lines on it or if you can get another firewall device as a loaner then i would suggest you configure the device with new ISP line and required NAT rules couple of days before you terminate your current ISP and update all your A records and MX records on godaddy with new IP addresses.

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