Ho to use global alias function?

I have apache server with PHP 5.2 with many obsolete applications on it.
We must upgrade to PHP 5.3

I know there is no more ereg() function with bunch of other functions.

I need to create global alias for my function witch will simulate ereg() function
Something like  "Facade pattern" but global for all application.

Is there some way to do it?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Why do you have to upgrade to 5.3?  Most hosting companies never upgrade a server with user accounts on it so they Don't break their users code.  With hosting companies, you have to change servers to get a newer version of PHP and most other things.

Even if it were possible to 'alias' the ereg() function, a typical problem is that PHP 5.3 is simply pickier about many errors and users find that things that were ignored as warnings before now show up on the screen as errors.  Is this a Linux or Windows server?
I don't understand the question - replace ereg functions with preg functions
Also its not that ereg is no more, rather thats its deprecated - meaning the module is no longer being worked on, this doesn't mean that it doesn't exist rather that its use is discouraged.

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f_o_o_k_yAuthor Commented:
my bad. I misunderstood the notice from php.net
Derokorian you are right.

Best Regards
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