Modify a SQL entry with visual basic 2005

This is my first attempt to connect to an SQL database and make some changes.   I need to find row, then change a value.  I have my project setup to make the SQL connection and I can see the data.  This is a console app that will run and make changes to the database.

So my row will look like

Serial number | Info | Available

So I need to find the row by finding the serial number, and then make a change to the available column.  How would I set that up?
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Your question is very simple, but need an some reference to get understand

Please feel free to walk throgh the URL and after this, if you need more info/assistned please revert back
Here is a simple example

Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Dim dbcon As New SqlConnection("your connection string")
Dim dbcmd As New SqlCommand
dbcmd.Connection = dbcon
dbcmd.CommandText = "Update tablename Set columnname=value Where columnname=value"
chadmanvbAuthor Commented:
I'm trying this, but getting an error when making the change.  I have a datagrid view and can see my data when I start the application.  I have a button that I'm using to test my change.  Workstations is my table name, Name is my serial number and also textbox2.text, and Description is what I want to change my value to and also textbox2.text.  I think I have the correct connection string, I cut/pasted that from my data connection.  Here is the code I have for the button.

 'write db
        Dim dbcon As New SqlConnection("Data Source=TestServerSQL;Integrated Security=True")
        Dim dbcmd As New SqlCommand
        dbcmd.Connection = dbcon
        dbcmd.CommandText = "Update Workstations Set DESCRIPTION=" & TextBox1.Text.Trim & "Where NAME=" & TextBox2.Text.Trim

The error is incorrect syntex near name.
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For columns of type varchar, values need to be enclosed in ' ' so try

Also, when concatenating, make sure you add spaces as your query was missing a space before Where.
dbcmd.CommandText = "Update Workstations Set DESCRIPTION='" & TextBox1.Text.Trim & "' Where NAME='" & TextBox2.Text.Trim & "'"

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chadmanvbAuthor Commented:
Yippee, it worked!  Thanks so much.  I'm sure this will lead to a bunch more questions soon.
Glad to help :-)
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