How to paint a System Variable to the desktop

Can anyone tell me if its possible to "Paint" a system variable to the desktop like you can withe build version? We have the image build version set in a system variable and it would be nice if we could get it to display on the desktop for troubleshooting purposes.
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Should be able to do it.....
Chetan KhuranaTechnical ManagerCommented:
Hi rmusick,

And, for setting that environment variable, follow the below steps -

1. Launch the BGInfo app;
2. Select all the fields you need (customize / add / remove all you want);
3. Click 'Custom' -> 'New';
4. Add a identifier Field (basically what you want the on-screen label to be);
5. Select 'Environment Variable' as the 'Replace Identifier with' option;
6. Browse to select the desired ENV Var, press ok to select it;
7. Now set this custom field as and where you want it.
8. Check other options for customizing the view of this field;

Also, this can be scheduled using windows scheduler, or you can add a shortcut to this exe in the windows startup, so that this is updated every time on boot-up.

For a crash course in this excellent / versatile app, i recommend -

Chetan KhuranaTechnical ManagerCommented:
Hi rmusick,
Were you able to get this done?
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