Limited SQL and Windows File Copy Performance on Bonded T1

We recently had Time Warner nLAN service installed.  It hands an Ethernet connection off to us from equipment the installed at our two sites which bonds, using multilink PPP, two clear channel t1s.  We have the same setup at both our locations creating our WAN.  We have a server that runs the Windent (dental application based on MS SQLdatabase) application at one locaition, with clients and just clients at the other location accessing the Windent application over the WAN.  Winednt uses a client app that is run on the local computer.
Since the installation we have not seen any performance imprpovement, it is as slow as it was before accross the WAN.  The clients located in the same office as the server have no performance issue.  Wondering what may cause this.  I know that is a lot to ask given all the variables.  
Testing and utilization checks have shown no signs of congestion.  Standard ping packets show 11ms latency, ping packets w/ 1500 payload show 31ms latency.  No drops.
We ran voice testing app using UDP traffic (so we could measure loss) that utilizes an agent on our windent server and an agent on a PC at our remote, set the test to use 2.7Mbps of the bandwidht.  Experienced no drops, 11ms delay (20ms payload) jitter less than .1ms.
When I do a windows drag and drop copy from the server or a pc at the main location to a pc at the remote, I only get 2Mbps bandwidht utlization when this is the only traffic on the pipe/s.  If I drag and drop copy from two PCs at each end, 2.7Mbps will get used.
Would like to know if there is a  reason, perhaps SQL or other that our Windent application performance is not improved and why a Windows drag and drop copy only leverages 2 of the  3 (minus overhead) Mbps connection we have?
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David ToddSenior DBACommented:

What was your ping etc like before the bonded T1 line install?

Have you talked to your application supplier about Windent? What do they say about running over a WAN? Has it been done before? Has Windent been written with this use in mind?

What version of SQL? is SQL the named instance or default instance?

How is DNS handled? What I'm querrying here, is that ping doesn't show the time for DNS to be resolved. That is, if connecting to SQL via the servername, and if the time to resolve that name is unreasonably long, then your application performance is going to be miserable. That is, when you type ping mySQLServer is there a noticable delay before the ping packets get sent? For a one-off, you can always do it the old way, and add an entry to the hosts file, and see if this improves things

If this is the architecture you are stuck with, consider using Terminal Services and remote in across the WAN, and run the application locally on the LAN.


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jtmoskeAuthor Commented:
Ping times were simmilar

We have been talking to Windent (getting support on something like this has been more difficult since they were bought by Kodak).  We have asked the questions you are asking, but have yet to get a good response.

Sorry, not MS SQL, but Pervasive 10.5

DNS if fine, resolves names of local servers and response to queries is quick.
Yes architecture is what we are stuck with, terminal services won't work w/ some elements of the app.  and limitations in services available at the locations from carriers prevents real metro ethernet, etc.

Do you know why a Windows copie only utilizes 2Mbps, seems to me in theory it should utilize more, but maybe some windows limitation/overhead with a drag and drop file copy?
jtmoskeAuthor Commented:
Second comment added not responded to.  One part of question never resonded to.
David ToddSenior DBACommented:

Thanks for the points.

Reason I didn't respond further is that I'm a MS SQL DBA, not a network engineer, nor do I know Pervasive, so don't have an informed opinion to offer.

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