Receiving event id 1035 inbound authentication failed on Exchange 2007

Hello Experts,

I just installed an Exchange 2010 server in my Exchane 2007 environment.  I have a mbx on the 2010 server and it can send to an external address but does not receive from external.  I can neither send or receive from an internal mbx.

I also noticed Event Id 1035 being logged on the 2007 server, with the following message:

Inbound authentication failed with error IllegalMessage for Receive connector Default "Connector Name of our 2007 server". The authentication mechanism is ExchangeAuth. The source IP address of the client who tried to authenticate to Microsoft Exchange is ["IP address of our 2010 server"].

I have a Send Connector configured on the 2007 to the 2010 server, and  I have a Receive Connector configured on the 2010 from the 2007 server.  Not really sure if I need any further configuration.

It seems that our two Exchange servers are not communicating with each other.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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dmbonilla4Author Commented:
We found a configuration problem with the Exchange 2010 server.  I had the Send connector configured and it shouldn't have been.  Since all mail is going through our 2007 server that is the server that should have the send connector configured.  Once I deleted the send connector from the 2010 server, mail flow started working.
In exchange 2010 modify the recieve connector security to accept anonymous.
dmbonilla4Author Commented:
I didn't receive an acceptable answer prior to finding the solution myself.
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