What's the best practice to create Dual languages website using asp.net?

Hi, we're using asp.net 2010 and .net 4.0 and c#.
Can someone tell me what's the best practice for creating a website for English and Chinese?  
1. Should the website allow user to select which language to view or can it detect the incoming PC OS to decide which language to display or what's best/new method for this?
2.  I read something briefly on MS site about using Resources file in ASP.NET for Localization.  Is this the bet practice?
3.  Any good url on examples on doing this?

Thank you.
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You need to get a language translation tool.

We get ours from systran:


There maybe something free out there but I don't know it.

I think I am understanding your question correctly.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Resource files are a standard practice and typically allow your visitor to select the language they prefer.  Some browsers will report the language the render in so you could try to use that as well.




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you can use google site translator on the following link

and if you want to translate them manually normally you should make a landing page with a default language like English and a combo box with other languages

also if its a cms you should put the languages in one table and link them to the pages table using many to many relation
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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
The resources files are key/value pair.  So, depends on what language the user choose then the page will displayed using different resource file?  Would the Chinese character be stored as a string in the key value pair?  Example, ¿¿, means thanks.    Can this be stored as string in the value pair?  Thanks.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Paul.  I'm developing website so don't know why you would give Silverlight and WPF examples but that's OK I will find some examples.  I just want to make sure what' the best practice for implementing this in ASP.NET for website.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Yes, sorry, I wasn't concentrating on the technology, just illustrating the practice.
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Understand.  Thank you for your help.
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