SBS 2003 Domain DNS issue

I have a single server domain running a SBS2003 server and a mix of about 10 WIN7 & XPpro PC's. Experiencing intermittent name resolution issues on all computers. While issue is happening I can ping IP's on the Internet but neither Explorer or command prompt will resolve a name. Have looked at server DNS and ensured good forwarders are set and have tried other known good forwarders as well.

Last time issue was happening tried working directly from server. Explorer could not resolve a name but I could ping, resolve IP and get a reply. Restarting DNS server service  clears problem but only for hours.

Next time issue happens plan to flush DNS server cache, local Server DNS cache, and a local PC DNS cache. Then try a tracert and/or pathping to and try to determine where resolution stops.

Troubleshooting ideas welcome as well as KB's for rebuilding/repairing DNS on a single server domain.
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garfooteAuthor Commented:
Customer decided to chnage ISP's behind speed issues. Problem has not happened since but suspect it will. Will post again if problem returns. THanks all.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
possible to be problem with DNS server , try to change forwards to google global DNS :

restart DNS and try again
Is there a reason why you've configured forwarders in the first place?  Windows Server since NT has always been able to perform full recursion itself without having to use forwarders...  Did you try DNS resolution without any forwarders set (with the correct root hint servers set)?
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Forwarders are most likely configured because SBS 2003 configures them automatically when you run the CEICW.  (This behavior was changed in later versions.)

When you say that Explorer could not resolve a name, are you referring to the name of a machine on your network?  If so, are your clients configured to use your SBS server (and nothing else) for DNS, and does DNS contain host records for them?
garfooteAuthor Commented:
When I said Explorer I meant Internet Explorer - sorry. When this issue occurs all LAN communications appear to be normal although they don't necessarily need DNS to resolve internal hosts. Forwarders were set because MCSE instruction said it was best practice. Faster name resolution and less load on Root servers. For now forwarders have been removed and only using Root Hints.

Assumption is that it a DNS Server, or service, issue. Pinging an IP is constantly good so we know that the Internet connection is working okay. When issue occurs we have found that re-starting the DNS Server Service on the DC seems to clear the issue. This is a one DC (SBS2003), single server, network. Not sure how to either repair or rebuild DNS in this environment as it is the only DNS server available.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
did you check the forwards?
garfooteAuthor Commented:
Problem has not returned after ISP chnage. No other solutions fixed isse. Monitoring continues.
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