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Summary, we have developed an internal software and we are trying to be creative on how to make it accessible but not stolen, and easily updated.

Still in Beta stages but in production. Right now we have 4 computers running the software, within in a year we plan to have 30+. So everytime we update the software, we have to go around to all 4 computers and update, in the future that will be a pain. Also all files are on these 4 computers, they could all be copied to USB and taken/or if Computer was stolen, that's bad.

Our idea is a RamDrive that loads at startup, that is invisible to the user, and pulls the files from a secure unannounced network location. So when updates are applied, we do it to the one location, reboot computers and it pulls over the new files and people work. If computer is stolen, once power is lost, RAM drive has disappeared.

Has anyone done/tried/have a solution similar to this? What was the results? Potential Problems?

Thanks in advance
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Cris HannaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
why not create a network share and then push install's through group policy from that location.
I'm not a programmer, I'm an SBS specialist, but that's how we deploy new software with SBS...but you need to have it as an .msi to do that.

I think you would have been better with this question in other zones...not SBS, because it's not SBS specific
MidnightOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft's Rights Management Service is the ticket for this; you can essentially roll your own DRM and certificates for the application and revoke the certificate for a particular machine or installation.
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