Fetch element to the right position

hello experts..
today i need your help with simple thing, i think.. :)
i to create element and make his position to the next element with code.
i want to create autocomplete class, i know jquery have one, but i want to create one on my own, just for practice, so i saw that if i have element on the middle or in the left side of the page or the top/bottom page it always fetch the suggestions to the right place, it looks like the web browser autocomplete..

now my question is... how do i do this with my class, i want that my code will create new element(ul) after the input, so for that i used jquery simple function

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that is simple, now how do i edit the css so it will look like real autocomplete like jquery or like the autocomplete on the web browsers.. i want it to looks real professional.

i managed to create some function that use % key but the problem is when i do zoom to the page. that looks real bad..
i know there is way that i can get the left position of the input element user .position() function that jquery have.

example(if the code were existed.):
<input type="text" id="txt" value="" />
var auto = new Autocomplete("txt"); //The Class

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so that is basically what i want to do, simple create new class and in the class create function, he will calculate the position and create new ul element.

basically i want to match the list element perfectly to the input, in all positions(top left right bottom) all it's need.. :)

by the way, i want to say that i don't care how to do it, ajax, jquery, javascript, css - evrything is acceptable!! i just need to understand the code.. ;)

please help me, i want to make real nice class.. :)
if you don't understand my question please command, i try to explain my self better.. :)

thanks ahead...
Konstantin KrolikovAsked:
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Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
I'd recommend using the existing examples of the autocomplete and working with tutorials. Nothing explains better than an already-made example. Take a look at this ones:

Calculating the element position may vary in different browsers as they can be different by few pixels.

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Konstantin KrolikovAuthor Commented:
doesn't help me.. sorry :(
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
Do you want to make an autocomplete with the text box ? Give us an example of what you're trying to achieve.
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Konstantin KrolikovAuthor Commented:
you know, like google autocomplete i just want to know how to design it, i know how to create the autocomplete but i have trouble with finding the position that i should give to the autocomplete list..
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
Konstantin KrolikovAuthor Commented:
i need function that add the ul list in the right location - right location to the element(input) that i want to give him the autocomplete, this is fine, but still, not what i needed... :(
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