Help with using a Text input control as a datasource


I need to use a control that I can enter data in multiple lines and at the same time can connect to a datasource, a regular textbox is perfect for entering data but it doesn't have a datsource property, Do you have an alternate solution?

I looked at the DropdownList but I am unable to enter text, can't seem to find any other controls in my toolbox.

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1)textbox can be connected to a data source..use smart tag in design mode
2) you can user web user controls or a web part
3) see atcched this will get you going
public sub button1_onclick(sender as s, eventargs as e) handles
' ------------------
' ----------------


Dim SQLConn1 As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection()
        Dim cmd1 As SqlCommand
        Dim SQLStr1 As String
        Dim Err1 As String

        Dim session_id As String
        Dim rep_name As String
        Dim client_status As String
        Dim Rep_Response As String
        Dim client_response As String
        Dim CLIENT_FDBK_GD_JB As String
        Dim CLIENT_FDBK_IMPROVE As String

session_id = textbox1.text

        session_id = Session("Session_ID")
        rep_name = Session("Call_Center_Rep")
        client_status = ""
        Rep_Response = Session("Rep_Response")
        client_response = Session("client_Response")
        CLIENT_FDBK_GD_JB = TextBox2.Text
        CLIENT_FDBK_IMPROVE = TextBox3.Text

        SQLConn1.ConnectionString = "Network Library=DBMSSOCN; Data Source=xx.xx.xx.xx; Initial Catalog=dasdsf; Trusted_Connection=true;User ID=; Password="

        SQLStr1 = ("INSERT INTO Live_Chat_Client_Feedback (SESSION_ID, REP_NAME, CLIENT_STATUS," & _

        cmd1 = New SqlCommand(SQLStr1, SQLConn1)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@SESSION_ID", session_id)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@REP_NAME", rep_name)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CLIENT_STATUS", client_status)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@REP_RESPONSE", Rep_Response)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CLIENT_RESPONSE", client_response)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CLIENT_FDBK_GD_JB", CLIENT_FDBK_GD_JB)
        cmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CLIENT_FDBK_IMPROVE", CLIENT_FDBK_IMPROVE)

            Err1 = cmd1.ExecuteNonQuery()
        End Try

end sub


<asp:button id="button1" onclick="button1_onlick" runat=server" />

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vcharlesAuthor Commented:

I am using xml, below is an example of my code below, i would like C1countryUser/Origin to be textboxes
to allow users to enter data and save changes.

' create a new XML Document object for each XML file
        Dim xdDonor As New Xml.XmlDocument
        Dim xdLink As New Xml.XmlDocument
        Dim xdReceiver As New Xml.XmlDocument

        ' load all of the XML documents

        ' Extract the ReceiverID and DonorID values from the current node
        Dim ReceiverID As String
        Dim DonorID As String
        Dim Link_ID As String
        '   Dim LinkID2 As String
        Dim DonorID2 As String
        Dim Name As String
        Dim ReceiverID2 As String

        dtReceiver = New DataTable
        dtReceiver.Columns.Add("ReceiverID", GetType(String))
        dtReceiver.Columns.Add("Name", GetType(String))
        dtDonor = New DataTable
        dtDonor.Columns.Add("DonorID", GetType(String))
        dtDonor.Columns.Add("Name", GetType(String))

        Session("CurrentIndex") = 0
        Session("dtDonor") = dtDonor
        Session("dtReceiver") = dtReceiver

        ' This outer loop will iterate over the Link file where the ReceiverID node is equal to our search criteria
        For Each xnLink As Xml.XmlNode In xdLink.SelectNodes("/Root/LinkA[manufacturer_ID='" & C1Manufacturer.SelectedItem.Value & "']")
            Link_ID = xnLink.SelectSingleNode("LinkAID").InnerText
            ReceiverID = xnLink.SelectSingleNode("CountryUser_ID").InnerText
            DonorID = xnLink.SelectSingleNode("CountryOrigin_ID").InnerText

            ' Perform another similar search based upon the Donor XML file
            For Each xnDonor As Xml.XmlNode In xdDonor.SelectNodes("/Root/CountryOriginTable[CountryOrigin_ID='" & DonorID & "']")
                DonorID2 = xnDonor.SelectSingleNode("CountryOrigin_ID").InnerText
                Name = xnDonor.SelectSingleNode("CountryOrigin").InnerText
                dtDonor.Rows.Add({DonorID2, Name})

            ' Perform yet another practically identical search on the Receiver XML file
            For Each xnReceiver As Xml.XmlNode In xdReceiver.SelectNodes("/Root/CountryUserTable[CountryUser_ID='" & ReceiverID & "']")
                '' Extract the ReceiverID and Name values from the current node
                ReceiverID2 = xnReceiver.SelectSingleNode("CountryUser_ID").InnerText
                Name = xnReceiver.SelectSingleNode("CountryUser").InnerText
                dtReceiver.Rows.Add({ReceiverID2, Name})
            ' Extract the Link_ID avalues from the current node
            '  dtLinkID = New DataTable
            ' dtLinkID.Columns.Add("Link_ID", GetType(String))
            'LinkID2 = xnLink.SelectSingleNode("LinkAID").InnerText

        C1CountryOrigin.DataSource = dtDonor
        C1CountryOrigin.DataTextField = "Name"
        C1CountryOrigin.DataValueField = "DonorID"

        C1CountryUser.DataSource = dtReceiver
        C1CountryUser.DataTextField = "Name"
        C1CountryUser.DataValueField = "ReceiverID"
As suggested in below question, you can do the reverse. Let the user type a value in a textbox and then

dtDonor.Rows(rowindex).Item("columname") = textbox1.text

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vcharlesAuthor Commented:
Thank You.
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