HP Procurve 2610 VLAN with SonicWALL TZ100

Trying to figure out how to VLAN this device with a SonicWALL TZ100. I upgraded my TZ100 to the latest firmware (5.8.x) and created an interface under X0 with a vlan tag 4. On the procurve I set up vlan 4 and tagged certain ports, but I got nothing. Anyone have an understandable guide to get this working?

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You need to have on of those ports be a trunk port if you've configured a sub-interface
On HP end to connect to a device running multiple vlans, the connecting port must be tagged in relevant vlans & Usualy vlan 1 untagged.
(In Cisco lingo this is called a trunk-port)

But HP-Ports connected to PC usualy are UNntagged in vlan (Access-ports)

NOt sure if this will help, but thought I'd throw it up there.  Iknow its a different model but ....
ALso, as jburgaard said, do you have your HP programming right?

The interface that goes to the sonic wall must be programmed as
e.g. port 24 is your port to the sonic wall

procurve(config)#vlan 1
procurve(config-vlan1)#untag 24
procurve(config)#vlan 4
procurve(config-vlan4)#tag 24


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