Please correct me if I am wrong in trying to understand properties, methods and events:
Properties: these are the characteristics of an object such a as form or button
Methods: this is the code between sub (function) and end sub (function)
Events: action that an object is ask to perform, such as Click
Frank FreeseAsked:
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Properties are the values associated with an object. such as name, text, height, width etc. Methods and events as you said.

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Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
outside of hiting F1 is there a list someplace of the different methods?
I see no real reason to correct you on your assertions. They are "close enough" as it applies to understanding how an object operates.

There are subleties that could come up in trying to talk about the distinction between events and methods, but for a functional understanding you have it right.

Check out these two pages and note the distinctions between how each of these items are described, or even sort-of clumped together:
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If you mean class library objects then MSDN is best resource

usually if you just type it in google it comes up. To search for Textbox properties/methods, i would type "Textbox class" in google and first result mostly is msdn.
The properties thing is a little hard to go along with I agree. It would take a contrived argument to decide that a "button" was a property.
You can also usually just google something like:

".net form class" will give you the msdn page for the class and it will direct to properties, methods, events etc.

or ".net combobox.method"

or ""

Frank FreeseAuthor Commented:
thank you
I like links and the google suggestion.
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