Win7Pro 64-bit OS, Win2003 Domain

Would like to be able to allow users to update things like flashplayer, adobe, etc. without needing an admin password to do so.

I seem to be overlooking a setting in their profiles?
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I do this using WSUS and Localupdate.  See my response in this ee comment:

This allows me to install updates for all users as needed.  Also, since I am pushing it from a central location, I don't have to depend on the users to remember to do this.
Only real way to do this would be to make the local admins, which I'm assuming you are trying to avoid. The best way I think would be to push the updates out from the server using a GPO. You can find the GPO under Computer Configuration, Software deployment.
GuypronouncedGuynotGuyAuthor Commented:
Yes I would rather avoid that, I will definitely investigate the GPO option.

The issue that has highlighted this today is a website that seems to only want to run with elevated priviledges. The site is and I have tried it in FF, IE, Chrome and Opera but the live video feed seems to not work in any of them hence my question.  I have installed the necessary plugins on the client but it still won't run as a user.

If it was just a profile setting that would be great but it seems not to be the case?
GuypronouncedGuynotGuyAuthor Commented:
Great!  Thanks for the input folks I will definitely be upgrading my GPO knowledge and taking advantage of LUP going forward.


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