applet timing out with jars

I am preloading few jars in applet archive param. but when I include the xerces jar which is like 1.7 mb i am getting a JVM heartbeat exception.  I got it working with a workaround of placing the xerces jar in jre/lib/ext directory on my system for now. But I want to include the xerces jar also in the applet archive param. Any thoughts?
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Which version of Java are you running ?

check thsi trail:

they are mentioneg that 1.6_14 fixed some of the issues with haerbeat
greenearthAuthor Commented:
i am using 1.6_26
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when do youe xperimence this error - do you have java condsole iopened - can you paste the stack trace
In general 1.7 mb is by no means prohibitive size for applet jars
I used to have more than that - and it worked fine
greenearthAuthor Commented:
nothing in the java console .. the only thing in my logs is

JVM heartbeat .. Exception, send ts: 1748724199965, now ts: 1748734200455, dT 10000490
at waht moment does that happen?

Maybe in your code - you are catching exceptiion and not printing stack trace ?
greenearthAuthor Commented:
it happens at random points...i have inserted printstacktrace in all catch blocks
but when you put xerces in loacl ext folder - it stops happening?

really strange that at random point - if the issue is downloading, I thought with applet it does
everything in the beginning rather than all the time going to te server and downloading new classes

have you tried to access this applet fior different clients?
Is the picture the same?
greenearthAuthor Commented:
i have not tried from different clients.. would it make any change??
If this is an issue realted to downloading additional classes and delays related to those - then it may be soem network issue.
especially taht it happens at different points.
I would have tried on another machinee
greenearthAuthor Commented:
finally I think the browseer was timing out when it did not hear from the applet, disabled the next generation java plugin in  and it worked.

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You mean you changed the version in java control in control panel?
greenearthAuthor Commented:
i did not change the version of java... just unchecked to use the next generation java plugin
greenearthAuthor Commented:
disabling the next generation plugin solved the above probelm
I see. Thanks.
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