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I have a shared mailbox that three staff members access. The server is small business server 2011. I have an automated e-mail that is sent to the shared mailbox. The problem is the automated e-mail gets placed in the junk mail folder of the shared mailbox. We have tried right clicking and marking as a safe sender from one of the three users. This does not work I have also added the e-mail address using the power shell on exchange 2010 and still this does not work. What is the correct way to mark an e-mail as safe when it is in a shared mailbox rather than the user's own primary mailbox? Thank you
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Check the rules on the mailbox to determine which rule places the mailing in junk.
Make sure that the rule based on sender email address is first and no subsequent filter processing takes place.

A difference in behavior between a shared mailbox and an individual one is the same as an apartment with roommates and your own Apartment. At one point or another an individual who has access to the shared mailbox may have mistakenly marked the mailing as spam by either blocking the sender or other means.
What version of Outlook is Being Used?

I would check that All 3 have the latest SP installed

I would also check that all 3 have Cached Exchange Mode on, as its required for Junk Mail.

Also check how the users are using/acessing the shared mailbox.
They should be added as additional Mailboxes

Amiga-2000Author Commented:

I ended up creating a profile in outlook specifaclly for the shared mailbox and added the sender as safe. Works fine now for all users who acess it.
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