Windows 7 Search and My Documents on a Network Share

In a small domain, users have their "My Documents" folders redirected to a network share (e.g. \\server1\users\jimmy). Win XP can search the documents just fine, while Win 7 just returns nothing. What can I do to make Win 7 index the documents folder correctly?

I read that one way is to enable offline files, but for security reasons that's not an option for me.

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Click on Indexing Options in the Control Panel>Modify, and see if you casn add the location there.....

Also, in Folder Options>Search Tab>Check the second option at the top...... Not an exact fix for THIS issue, but should improve search results.....
jiiins2Author Commented:
I can't add any location. And the second thing is already on.
Why cant you add anything? Are you browsing the structure at the top to check it off?
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