Link to an image inside SPRY Filmstrip widget

  I wish to enhance the large image in the Spry Filmstrip Widget.
I'd like to add a link to another web page, if the image is selected.

Thanks in advance,

Russ CummingsIT ConsulantAsked:
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so in the image div you need an on-click java event
then you need code to add the link to the other web server somehow maybe via php

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Russ CummingsIT ConsulantAuthor Commented:
 Looked at the link you posted. I understand, I think. Within the examples the author cited, I wish to use the "OnClick", but rather than popping an alert box, it would open a link to another web page.
However, I don't know what you meant by:

"then you need code to add the link to the other web server somehow maybe via php "

the page I wish to link to is on my own website, the same location as where this page resides.
As I am a beginner with both Dw & never done any java, where do I but the code (anyplace in particular within the filmstip <div></div>?
Please be as detailed with your answers as possible.
If you wish me to post my existing HTML, let me know.


Russ CummingsIT ConsulantAuthor Commented:
I found the solution myself.
Found where the PAUSE image was being trapped.
parent.location=TITLE + '.html'
Then in that section I added the above code to load the web page.
TITLE is a predefined, variable that is easily parsed..
Thus giving each image a unique page to link to, without adding / changing any additional existing code.
Thanks to IanTh for giving me the link to learn 1 line of java script, how to open a web page.
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Russ CummingsIT ConsulantAuthor Commented:
I gave a B because, although a link was provided, I had to do a lot of further digging to get the solution. Also I had trouble understanding the comment after the link. But as I said in my other comment, I couldn't have done it without the information provided.
I dont fully understand all dw and java but I do know a bit obviously and a b is not a problem I am more of a 3rd line server with vmware so dw is not my main technology
although its generally true if you want to use any code it needs to reside in the div so you can respond to events for that div if its outside you can have issues although if you give the div a name then code outside can talk to the div by using its identifier
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