Can Windows 7 notify about offline files sync issues without going into the sync centre

Windows XP pops up a notification in the system tray if there is a conflict with offline files. With Windows 7, it seems you can only see conflict if you go into the sync centre.
Is there a way to get Windows 7 to notify you that there is a conflict without having to go into sync centre?
I notice that, if there is a conflict, when browsing from the synced PC to the server, the file details, inlcuding modified date, reflects the server proerties, but when you open the file, the file is the PC file. This can very very confusing.
Apart from having a notification of conflicts, it would be nice to have a notification that the files are online or offline, as it did in Windows XP.
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If you look in the lower right, you should see the sync icon, it will be green with a red x or yellow ! on top of it (right now I cannot remember which it is)  If you want it to always be visible , simply customize your notificcation area to show the icon.

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DaveBorgAuthor Commented:
getzjd - thank you for your response. Yes, forcing the icon onto the system tray is useful but it is not very prominent and the exclamation mark is even more difficult to notice. Also, the number of steps required to get to the conflict resultion option is much morse than the old XP. XP would run an 'in your face' sync and immediately tell you if there were problems. With the current set up, it is way to easy to keep working on a conflicted document.
I should point out that this is for 'shared' documents. I know this is not a prefered way to work, but it is a common use for offline files.
I have never used Synctoy but you may wan tto check it out and see what it offers 
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DaveBorgAuthor Commented:
Synctoy is a nice program but, as with many other sync programs, it is very manual and not intergrated into explorer. Sync's are fully manual or timed but not related to logging on, logging off or reconnecting the network - all of which are quite critical.
DaveBorgAuthor Commented:
It seems what I am asking for does not exist - so education and dilligence is the answer. However I have noticed a related problem. when working online, the offline (local) files are getting changed but the online (server files) are not changed until we do a sync. I am sure that is not normal behaviour. I understood that, when online, the server version would change. The file status is online. I can change the file on the PC and the server file will only change after a sync. I can even open both the PC file and the server file (on another PC) at the same time without a 'read only' message.

Surely this is not the way it should work? Can I force online files to look at the server?
DaveBorgAuthor Commented:
What I asked for did not exisit but getzjd pointed me at the closest possibility.
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