Tracing an email by ip address

2 Servers in 2 Offices connected via VPN
1 Exchange 2010 email server in each office, same domain.
They are CAS/HUB etc.. all in one servers on the LAN with firewall rules that permit them to talk to the internet.
I have 2 Scoped Send connectors that specify that each email server send directly to DNSExit a relay service.  When I look at the DNSExit logs, i see the opposite of what i should expect, i see the sender IP of say office2 coming from a mailbox/user in office 1 and the sender ip of office1 coming from a mailbox/user in office2.

So i guess my question is how can i look at an email and see the true path (by ipaddress or FQDN) that it took?
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Check this article to resolve your query.
Do you mean looking at the email message in outlook?

All of the tracking information sits in the message header.

In outlook 2010 open the message,.  In the ribbon area that has Tags below it, there is a little box with an arrow on it. Click on this.

This will bring up the message properties. At the bottom is a box with the internet headers. The easiest thing to do here is copy this into word or a new email, and you can see the trail the message took to get to its destination.
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
I looked over the headers and see that my observations appears correct.  So in the case of one email it left the mail server in office 2, went to the mail server in office 1 via internal network, then left office 1 to the relay server over the internet.  How is this possible?  Im quite sure my send connectors are correct.
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it could be a few things, the first thing I would check out are the send connector settings...

Check the send connector that is from Office2 ----> Internet , check the address space, that it is SMTP, and the address is '*'

also the cost is appropriate, try lowering the cost so that is smaller than the Office1 send connector and test.

Do you have an edge server?
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
BOth send connectors are scoped and both have SMTP * and 1 as cost, so im changing the one office to cost 2 and other office to cost 1 to see if that helps.  No edge server, as stated, both servers run all roles.
Hmmmm ok.... it could be a case of playing around with the scope and cost settings...

I had a similar problem, where it didnt matter what settings I did, one of my sites had to have a lower cost than another for them to both send out independantly.... dont know why...

PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Almost.  Now everything is being sent from a single office, the one with lower cost, not really a bad thing, but not the results id hoped for.  
ehhee.... welll at least you know it theoretically works...

Ok.... so further on... it sounds like your exchange servers are in the same AD site? How is your AD setup?

Are both exchange servers separated by different sites?

As the scope thing will only scope down to the same site.... If both servers are in the same AD site, then the scope box doesnt really work....

You can try unticking the scoped box and see if that changes things.
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Both are in same AD site, separated by VPN.  I am testing without the scope box checked on both, restarted all exchange services after each change.  If this doesnt work, i have another idea.  Now i have 2 send connectors.  I can add both servers to a single connector under the source server tab....
PlatinumITSAuthor Commented:
Ok that didnt work so i tried my other idea out, 2 servers in one connector.  It works, but same deal, the mailbox users at site 1 are using the email server at site 2 to send email and vice versa.  Any ideas?

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Is no longer an issue.
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