Source code control

Is there any tool you Visual Foxpro gurus recomend to control versions of code?
Preferably a open source one.
Will it work with php and VfP?
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The document is a little bit obsolete but it gives you some picture about the implementation complexity.

I am using Subversion with TortoiseSVN without the SubFox extension. And it works...

The SubFox is here:

You may also use Mercurial:

The basic questions you will need to answer before version control implementation are:
1) Do I need client-server or distributed version control system?
2) Do I need to convert my SCXes, VCXes, and FRXes to a text before storing in version system?

I would recommend to start here:
Chris WongCommented:
CVS, SubVersion and Visual FoxPro
luciliacoelhoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
Going to read the links you sent me
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luciliacoelhoAuthor Commented:
About pcelba coments. I do need because of a certification process in one of my applications.
The purpose of the version control is clear.
The first question was rather ment "Which one of the two systems do I need"?
Please, take a try of  Source Safe. It works with any MS tech and php.

I know, it is not free.

Merry C.
Source Safe does not bring any advantage comparing to CVS, Subversion, or Mercurial. I even cannot imagine how it could work over the internet or as a distributed version control system. It even does not support atomic commits. Features of VSS are described e. g. here:

The Wikipedia link posted in my first answer will tell WHY NOT Visual Source Safe...
luciliacoelhoAuthor Commented:
Could you please tell, if I use subversion, if there is a need to export the code from my application, forms and etc. to a text file? And if this is correct, is there any way to automate this exporting process?
Best regards
Subfox mentioned earlier is the tool which automates the text export from VCX, FRX, and SCX files but it is not necessary.

The text export just simplifies updates from two or more developers merging. If you store original binaries (VCX, SCX, FRX, PJX) in repository then you cannot merge changes made by two developers simultaneously and the work requires better cooperation or updated files locking in SVN.

The SVN file locking mechanism is sufficient to avoid conflicts obviously.
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