Corrupt exchange 2007 mailbox: Emails show as HTML code


I have an exchange mailbox which seems to have corrupted. All of the emails within it are showing as HTML code. Does anyone know a way of getting these emails back to the normal format?


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is the problem with single mailbox or all of them? how many databases you have? try moving the mailbox to a diff server/database...
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
Hi kpa,

It is just the one mailbox that has the issue. There is only one database.


Are both OWA and outlook both have issues?  Antivirus agent have installed/updated? Is problem with all mails in the inbox and folders or any specific folder?
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TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
It is the same in OWA.. It looks as though most of the emails in the inbox corrupted at a certain time a while ago. New emails sent to that mailbox are fine.

Is there a program that can read the HTML in the mails and convert them back to their original state?

you do not need any special application/program to read HTML.(IE will do for that). If you think it is format issue, you can try saving the mail on to local disk and try it opening in IE. However I think  mails being already currupt. You may want to move all currupted mails to a pst and try repair inbox?
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
I have exported the mailbox into PST format. which method should i use to repair the mailbox?

Repair errors by using Scanpst.exe
1.Exit Outlook if it is running.
2.Double-click Scanpst.exe, located at drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.
3.In the Enter the name of the file you want to scan box, enter the name of the .pst or .ost file that you want to check, or click Browse to search for the file.
4.To specify the scan log options, click Options, and then click the option that you want.
5.Click Start.
6.If errors are found after the scan is complete, you will be prompted to start the repair process to fix the errors.
A backup file is created during the repair process. To change the default name or location of this backup file, in the Enter name of backup file box, enter a new name, or click Browse to look for the file that you want to use.

7.Click Repair.
8.Start Outlook by using the profile that contains the .pst file that you tried to repair.
9.On the Go menu, click Folder List.
In the Folder List, you may see a folder named Recovered Personal Folders that contains your default Outlook folders or a Lost and Found folder. The recovered folders are usually empty, because this is a rebuilt .pst file. The Lost and Found folder contains the folders and items recovered by the Inbox Repair tool. Items that are missing from the Lost and Found folder cannot be repaired.

10.If you see a Recovered Personal Folders folder, you can create a new .pst file, and drag the items in the Lost and Found folder into the new .pst file. When you have finished moving all the items, you can remove the Recovered Personal Folders (.pst) file, including the Lost and Found folder, from your profile.

If you are able to open the original .pst file, you may be able to recover additional items from your damaged .pst file. By default, the Inbox Repair tool creates a file called file name.bak, which is a copy of the original .pst file with a different extension. The .bak file is located in the same folder as your original .pst file. You may be able to recover items from the .bak file that the Inbox Repair tool could not recover. Make a copy of the .bak file, and give the file a new name with a .pst extension, such as bak.pst. Import the bak.pst file, and then move any additional recovered items to the new .pst file that you created.
A copy of the log file is written to the same location as the .pst file.
TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that. The scanpst found errors to repair. But the recovered personal folders did not show up in outlook.

TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
There was never a solution to this

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TriumphLTDAuthor Commented:
The was no solution
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