Change all login user names

Our standard for usernames is to use a first initial lastname ...

With a recent takeover, we've been asked to to change all usernames to a firstname.lastname convention.

So John Doe ... is currently JDoe .. needs to be John.Doe ...

Is there an easy way to change all user login names to the new convention without affecting anything else?

Thanx ...

Ming ...
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TomislavjSystem AdminCommented:
maybe with script that can manage importing data from file like this one
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Joseph DalyCommented:
The fastest and easiest way of doing this will be to use Its a nice GUI and lets you revert changes as well. This tool will let you use wildcards to do the work for you as well. Something similar to


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ThinkPaperIT ConsultantCommented:
your first step is export from AD a list of all your users with their logon name, first name, and last name, (and maybe middle name too in case of duplicates). You should easily be able to create a query within AD to do this and export it. With that spreadsheet you can organize the columns and create a new column for the new naming convention. You can use Excel to propogate it with firstname.lastname. After that you'd have to go thru and make sure there are no duplicate names.

After that, you can use PowerShell to read in the CSV to rename the user accounts. Quest AD cmdlets would also work:

So your CSV should look something like this:
(note that you need to correct any duplicate names)

logon, firstn, lastn, midn, newusername
smithj, john, smith, l, john.smith
smithj2, john, smith, k, john.k.smith          
johnsonl, larry, johnson, b, larry.johnson
villab, bob, villa, r, bob.villa
villab1, brian, villa, w, brian.villa
villas, stephen, villa, w, stephen.villa

Then your PowerShell would look something like: (using Quest AD cmdlets)

Import-CSV "c:\mystuff\importedusers.csv" | ForEach { Rename-QADObject $_.logon -NewName $_.newusername}

(Note I haven't test it, so make sure you FULLY test it before deploying network wide).
There is bulk modify tool and i guess you can use that. Changing account login will not do any harm as i did in the past becasue SID will remain same, so permission and everything will be as earlier.

You can also search for script at below

Awinish Vishwakarma
gmponAuthor Commented:
handy utility to have.
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