What technologies does Amazon.com use?

What programming language and database technologies does Amazon.com use and do other large e-commerce sites follow a similiar approach?

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You could ask Amazon, but I doubt they will tell you much.  Most of the software is proprietary and developed in house.  It would be a safe bet that just about any development technology in use has some usage at amazon. asking something like this like asking what technologies the CIA uses.  These are trade secrets, and for security reasons you would not let the world know what you doing.

- as per the following 2004 doc, Amazon.com is running on  Perl, MySQL, and Mason.

- however Amazon also have their own database called Amazon Simpledb, Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 Relational Database AMIs, not sure if Amazon.com is now running on this database: http://aws.amazon.com/simpledb/

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Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
On several occasions Amazon officials stated that simpledb and SQS started out as an internal need, and later evolved into a commercial offering.

Amazon are in the midst of moving major parts of their various operations into AWS, at least to provide cloud bursting capabilities.

Many large e-commerce sites are either running off Amazon's infrastructure, or adopted NoSQL databases as their tool of choice. However, many do not.
sandshakimiAuthor Commented:
Interestingly Oracle is a repeated keyword in the jobs section.

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