MS Office\Powerpoint .dll issue

I have a user that has an issue with Powerpoint. Whenever He opens the program he is getting an error...

system error…x2utilFL.dll is missing…try reinstalling the program

Ive run the office diagnostics and repair with no change, and the .dll file is still where it should be. Clicking the box 4 or 5 times makes it go a way and powerpoint works just fine. Before resorting to a reinstall are there any other solutions?
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JSRWilsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like an issue with the printer driver.

Set the local default printer temporarily to Microsoft XPS. Doe sthe problem go away??
Might not be the issue, but try uninstalling your printer(s) then open PPT and see if it happens.  I had an issue similar with word, and ended up being a printer driver that was screwing everything up.
jandrews78Author Commented:
Uninstall then restart the PC, or just uninstall them and see how it goes?
try without reboot first
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