Configuring Oracle VM Server/Manager & importing Oracle VM Images

Hi All,
Does anyone here have an experience on oracle VM server/manager setup?
I have downloaded number of Oracle 11g RAC VM images. Somehow I can’t locate complete guide to import VMs successfully under VM manager.

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Sanjeev LabhConnect With a Mentor Database ConsultantCommented:
Ok here are the steps to be followed for using the Oracle VMs.

1. Download the Oracle VM Manager from the Oracle site depending on the OS you are currently using and install it on your system.
2. Download the DB VM.
3. Import the VM downloaded by clicking on the File menu and there Import appliance.
4. It ask to choose the VM to be imported. select the particular OVF file by giving the appropriate path where you have downloaded the VM file.
5. Then it will start to import it within its Virtual Box.
6. Once completed you are ready to use it.
7. Select the particular VM from within your VM Manager and click on start.
8. This will start your DB server.
9. Once the server starts you can start using by entering the username and password oracle/oracle.

I have attached the screenshots of the same. VM-import.doc VM-import.doc
Sanjeev LabhDatabase ConsultantCommented:
Which of the VMs are you trying to import. DB or Fusion?
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
11g - Database templates please.
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Any update here?
crazywolf2010Author Commented:
Hi Mate,
Thaks for the details but unfortunately I am talking about Oracle VM manager and not Sun-oracle Virtualbox manager.
The RAC VMs are downloaded thru oracle e-delivery site. Oracle VM annd VM manager are similar to VMWARE itself  & server side tools.

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