Report Viewer 2010 using HttpRequest

I have an image button on my report, using VS 2010 Reporting.  What I want to do is, once that image is clicked, it takes the current report url and saves it into the database.

I am using the custom code on the Report Properties screen to write the function to do this.  For some reason, NOTHING I try successfully grabs the current url.

I have tried Request.RawURL(), HttpContext.Current.Request.PathInfo(), I've tried everything I can think of, but it all errors out.  Any suggestions?  Is there some assembly I need to attach in order for the Report Viewer to recognize the HttpRequest feature?
Public Function SavetoPP() As String

	Dim str As String
	str = HttpContext.Current.Request.RawUrl()
	Return str

End Function

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In RS a text-field (or object) has an ACTION property.
The Action property can include code.

The below shows a TextBox jumping to a url which is dynamically assembled.

Try using your CODE against the Image's Action property.

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