Xenserver pool shut down sequence

This will be the 1st time since inception that we need to shut down all vm's and 3 xenhosts in a pool to move equipment.  HA is on the pool and HA settings in place on several of the vm's.  I need to know the proper way to shut the whole system down.  I was going to change each VM to "Do Not Restart" and then shut them down, but now I'm wondering if I disable HA on the pool, then shut everything down, then reenable HA on the pool when powered back on, will this retain the HA settings for each VM and accomplish being able to shut down the Xenhosts without changing HA settings on each vm?

Also, I'm accessing the pool through Xencenter on a standalone server, so I assume once the VMs are all shut down on the Xenhost, I then perform a shutdown on the Xenhosts themselves from Xencenter, saving the master for the last shutdown (i would lose zencenter connectivity at this point I'm assuming), and then power back on the master 1st after the equipment move.
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Your question implies the correct answer. You don't need to change the HA settings everywhere, just disable HA on the pool, shutdown your VMs, shutdown your member hosts, then shutdown the pool master host. Bring your pool master back online followed by your other hosts & VMs and re-enable HA.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Shut the pool master host down last, and bring it back up first.
Brian_MBAuthor Commented:
I ended up having to do this a few days ago.  I could not shut down more than 1 of the 3 due to HA being enabled, which makes obvious sense.  I disabled HA on the pool and shut everything down.  However, in renabling it, it went through the wizard and I had to choose settings again on all the vms.  Maybe there is another way to disable HA on the pool and allow a shutdown of all the hosts but retain the HA settings on the vms.  But I did not see how.
Brian_MBAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I forgot about this question.  As my last comment states, I disabled HA, but upon re-enabling, I had to choose all the HA settings for the vms.  I was hoping to find a way to retain those settings, but as of yet, I have not.
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