Latitude E6410 screen blanks on boot after Windows 7 Logo

A Latitude E6410 screen goes blank on boot just after showing the Windows Logo. If I connect it to an external monitor, I see it working normally. It just doesn't show on the laptop. Things I've tried:
1. Cycling FN-F8 external display options
2. Display Properties - set it to no external monitors
3. Re-installed the Intel video driver

In Safe Mode it does display on the laptop screen.

Some Windows Updates were installed yesterday. I un-installed them just to see if that made a difference, but no.

I could not use System Restore to an earlier time because someone had turned it off.

Any suggestions? Thank you!
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When you try to adjust the resolution settings through the external display make sure you have the right monitor selected in display properties, otherwise you'll adjust the external display.  If it doesn't work another easy thing you can try is uninstall the nVidia video driver from Add/Remove Programs or device manager while you have the external display connected.  Since you can see the Windows logo briefly that might be where the video driver is getting loaded.  You could also press F8 right after the Dell splash screen during POST and boot into Safe Mode or Safe Mode w/VGA.  That should skip loading the video driver also and if it works you'll get to your desktop on the internal LCD, then you can uninstall the driver.  At that point you can reboot and let Windows re detect the video adapter or install a newer driver from Dell or nVidia's website.
Did you try setting the resolution to the same resolution it was using in safe mode just to see if it would do the same thing?  This is not a suggestion as a fix, just curious to know how it acted when you did that.
When it's connected to the external monitor please check the display settings. I had a similar issue yesterday in that the video settings were set too high for the LCD. The hint to this was that in Safe Mode I had video on the laptop and I had video prior to the log on screen. (As you have mentioned).
Once I lowered the video settings to what the monitor could display everything worked as it should.
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All so make sure in your BIOS the ACH settings are on.

I would first go into the BIOS and load Defaults and see if it will the load windows.

If playing with this does not help you may need to install windows over its self, not a format but just replacing the windows files.
adramisAuthor Commented:
Thank you. It turned out to be the video driver. I had tried re-installing the driver once, but I guess twice was a charm.
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