Is it possible to insert a table in datasheet view into an Access report

I am trying to prepare an access 2007 report in which I would like to drop a full table along with  a line graph of a its pivot table into a single detail section of report.  Is that possible?
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
you can create a report with the chart and the table data
insert a chart to the detail section of the report
set the RowSource of the chart with a crosstab query
select the chart options then form Data Table tab, check show data table and show legend keys
cekendricksAuthor Commented:
OK I've played around with it for a few minutes, and it seems like exporting the datasheet to Excel and then inserting a picture element into my access report and pointing that to the saved excel file seems to work, but does anyone have a simpler and more direct way to do it?
cekendricksAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I knew there had to be a more elegant solution
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Is part of your question how to make a chart and a Pivot table?

Capricorn1 has given you the answer directly, if yo need help creating the chart and Pivot table, then this may need to be posted in a new question.

Also, we can't give any specifics without knowing the nature/design of your data...
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