Trouble with IIS 7.0 Client Certificate ManyToOne

I've created a simple web site in my lab, the wonderful Hello World example.
I'm able to connect from anywhere on the Internet.
I requested & instaled a certificate from my CA for the web server. SSL is Required.
I'm able to connect & receive no errors as long as my CA Root Chain is installed on the client PC.
Note: My CA is a StandAlone CA, i.e. not connected to AD.
Next I attempt to configure the IIS Certificate Mapping Authentication element for ManyToOneCertificateMapping. The Values in the Rules were copied & pasted from the cert on my client PC, so that spelling & capitalization remain intack.
When I attempt to connect, I have to choose the digital certificate in order to proceed. The result is an IIS 403.13 error.
I've tried removing one rule at a time to see if that helped - it did not.

Also, I used this document as a guide.

I don't understand how to make this feature work. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

This is the certificate on the client PC
 Certificate image
This is from the Configuration Editor in IIS Manager
Configuration Editor
This is a subset of the ApplicationHosting.config file from the server.
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HardHeadSamConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I resolved the problem.
Forgot which Microsoft article made reference to it, but I added an entry in the hosts file for my CRL, using the public address, I had already tried using the private address, but that didn't work (?????).
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