javascript "back" image within ASP.NET application

I love, but it's the simple things that can be really difficult.  Here's my latest challenge.  I have an image (btnBack) that I want the user to be able to click and (you guessed it) go back.  I set it up first as an image button and passed the js onclick information to it both via code-behind with attribute.add and with the OnClientClick function.  In both cases, the page refreshed, but did not go back (NOTE: i tried both window.history.back and window.history.go(-1)).  

i then moved to using a hyperlink around the image with href="#' and an onclick function, but same result.  to further test my onclick function, i wrote it up separately as "goBack()" and added a first step of an alert("function triggered") so that it looked like the function below:

    function goBack() {
        alert("function triggered");

at this point the function worked, BUT if i remove the alert (and hence the user interaction), it does not work.  in case it was a timing issue, i tried using a settimeout, but this did not help either.  what a pain in the ass, i just want to access the browser's back button behavior without making a call to the server.  

thanks in advance for your assistance.

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have you tried using the parentheses "()" in your code like


cause that works, at least for me

remember an error like that in javascript won't throw anything, will just stop the script execution

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kmt333Author Commented:
bless you!  what i actually needed was to specify the "return".
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