Hamachi Connection Speed Too Slow

I am having problems with my connection to the office server. We are using Hamachi to log in remotely. We are able to establish the connection, but opening server files is PAINFULLY slow. We have also tried Remote Desktop Connection which works fine to open server files. So for some reason, the Hamachi connection is very slow. If any of you use different remote access software that works well for you, let me know. I appreciate any tips that any of you experts might have!
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Nothing (built-in or free) beats RDC.
dbprogmrAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to transfer files from the RDC instance to your regular desktop? We have a user that needs to work on the server files and print, but can't.
Lets say User1 uses Client1, at home, to connect via RDC to Server1 (which is located in the office). On Server1, User1 wants to work on File1.doc and print it on Printer1 at home. YES this is possible but 3 conditions must be met:

1. The RDC client must have the "Printers Local Resources" option set.
2. The Server (in our example: Server1) must allow "Windows printer mapping" which it is by default and must have the option "Connect client printers at logon" which it is by default.
3. The Server must have a suitable driver (for Printer1) available.

If first 2 conditions are met and User1 still does not see Printer1 available on Server1, check Server1 logs (Application or System) and you should find errors reporting Server1 is unable to create Printer1 because there is no driver available. In this case you should just add the driver on Server1.

I hope the above scenario meets you needs. Feedback welcome.

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