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I have a page with a summary link web part.  When I try to edit it,  all the links disappeared. I notice that my title for the summary link changes from 'directory listing' to 'untitled'. when I go to 'modify shared webpart', my content (all links and columns) are gone.  Has anyone had this problem?  I've used this summary link webpart before and have had no problems. I've recreated this thing 6 times already and the same thing keeps happening. . .

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It happened to me around 3-4 months ago and our environment is SP2007 SP2.  Would be nice if someone can let us know why this might happen.

My advice would be to export this web part and save it.  If you do lose it, you can import that last web part with the latest update without having to redo the whole links.


p.s: would there be other people updating the links as well or have you checked the Closed Web Parts on the page by accident?  

ejosep04Author Commented:
I'm the only one updating on this site. I've checked the Closed Web Parts but there is nothing listed as I haven't closed anything. I've check the recycle bin and nothing there. I've been redoing this page 10 times. It looks like after I title the link and change the chrome type to title only, and I refresh the screen, untitled pops up as my title.  I have the summary link web part but w/o links attached. I then checked 'modify shared web part' and the chrome type was changed to 'default'.
So I left it as 'default', changed the title back to what I want to see there and it seems to be working. I've refreshed it 3 times and nothing changes. So I'm calling it a night as I can't see straight anymore and will let you know if this works. (very strange as my summary links were working perfectly up until last Tuesday).
ejosep04Author Commented:
Since my chrome type kept reverting to 'Default', I just re-entered the title I wanted (it kept popping us as ''Untitled' ) and that seems to work for now. What Ezshol did was to confirm that this was more of a systemic glitch and not just an anomoly on my site.
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