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I have files(images and videos) located on my intranet. My intranet has a user name and password.. I have a FTP connection manager in SSIS(2008) where i provide all the credentials.. server, port, username and password.. I would like to read the file name from a table in SQL Server 2008.. The file name is something like sofa and add a .jpg to the end of it, then check to see if that (sofa.jpg) exists in a folder, if it DOES NOT then I want to ftp the sofa.jpg from the intranet to the folder in which it does not exists.. recomendations? Please do not suggest script task(VB or C) because I dont know it.. If I can avoid the script task I would like to.
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Jason Yousef, MSSr. BI  DeveloperCommented:
Well the only way around using a script task is uploading everything and overwrite all !

The only good way to do it is using a for each loop, loop over your table, get the file names with extensions into a variable, connect to the ftp and check if it's there or not and upload or move to next file.

or dump all the ftp contents into a table, a SSIS lookup to check what's there and update a flag column marked for not to upload.

I wrote a blog post about that

do you know which files goes to which folders? or how's ur table is structured? screen shot please....

Also you posted your question at the "Server Side Includes (SSI)" zone, that's not SSIS, there's a zone called "SSAS_SSIS" that what you need to post at.

SSI is a scripting language

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