Avaya Phones keep rebooting

I have an IP 500 office system with vlans for data and voice (vlan1 = data, vlan 10 =voice)
when i put the phones on the data side everything works fine
when i try to have the phones use dhcp thiings get real spooky.
any phoine with a dhcp config will reboot about every 60 to 90 seconds.
the phones do register with dhcp
the phones do say they are downloading the bin file and scr files from the tftp server
the tftp server can ping any and all phones on dhcp (as long as they are not in process of rebooting)
phones work fine for 60 to 90 seconds then reboot.

IP 500 phone system
handsets are 5610SW ip
cisco 3560 POE switches

I will be honest, I don't even know were to start guessing.

MPontoNetwrok AdminAsked:
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What is supplying DHCP? Do you have option 150 with the corresponding TFTP server IP set on your network? Even though it says it's talking to TFTP, it sounds like it can't find the configuration file and therefore keeps rebooting.
MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
DHCP is comming from the local AD / DNS server. voice / phones are on different subnet and vlan int has ip helper-address set to dhcp server.
Phone subent scope opetions are
003 router =10.xxx.yyy.35 - Avayan IP 500 phone system
006 DNS server = 10.xxx.zzz.2 - local AD / DNS / DHCP server
015 NDS domain name = Mydomain.com
066 Boot Server Host Name =10.xxx.yyy.35
176 Avayan Option 176 = MCIPADD=10.xxx.yyy.35,MCPORT=1719,TFTPSRVR=10.240.zzz.49,VLANTEST=0

note 10.240.zzz.49 was an attempt to setup a local tftp server as tftp will not travel accross WAN (given I know, just communicating)
after installing the IP office manager on the local machine I put the config files in the IP office\manager directory where I found them on the voicemail server.

after reading your post i have to ask should i set up a tftp sever there and server the files from that?

I was under the impression that the manager software did this for me.

Also after reading i see that the if the vlan test is set for 0 it will not look for the failed vlan on subsequent reboots i beleive it needs to be set at 60 - correction made
MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
In thinking things over a bit i did watch the TFTP logs on the - manager as the phones contacted and downloaded the config files.
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As far as I know TFTP will work over the WAN. For our company, the call manager is located in VA and our Chicago sites pull configs just fine. Do you have ip tftp-server configured on the media-gateway?

What Media-Gateway are you using? I found a great link that will probably help you, rather than me throwing out ideas on what I think it could be, check the link out and go to the specific area and see if there is something missing from your configuration. Please let me know if this is helpful.


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MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
Good info on the link but we arn't using a media gateway - phone handsets are on the same subnet as the phone system.

MPontoNetwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
Good info and nice try i found a workaround that isn't very good so i will not share
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