Hyperlinks in Access PDF report output

I have a report (it's a Payment & Booking Confirmation) that includes the address and full style of the issuing company.  I'm using SendObject to create an email and then attach the report as a PDF. This is all working reliably and with very pleasing results

In the address data is the issuing company's website URL plus Twitter and Facebook URLs which I would like to hyperlink.  

Then when the PDF is opened by the recipient thay can use the hyperlinks to link to the website, Twitter or Facebook pages.

Is this possible and if so how would I do this please?  
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ok the the copy and paste did not go well above.

To change the Text to Display is to enter a Value like this:

See also this thread:
Is your Field Type a Hyperlink or plain Text?

If Hyperlink field type, the export to PDF goes well.
If Text then you need to do some extra steps to convert it to Hyperlink in Report and Query.

In Query you do the following, for example

cnvTwitter: [txtTwitter] & "#" & [txtTwitter] &"#"

Then in Format, you make sure that Is Hyperlink is set to "Yes".
And also Display As Hyperlink set to "Always".

Hope this helps,
MikeDTEAuthor Commented:
Hi danishani

There is no field at the moment.  There is a visible address in a text box which contains postal address, telephone, email address and website URL.

I could create a field in a table and then attach it to the query which is the record source for the report.  I assume the field would contain either the URL or just 'Twitter'? Or could it be the Twitter logo (an image)?

Where do you attach the URL to the Text can you expand a bit and fill in some of the gaps please.

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MikeDTEAuthor Commented:
I have now added three hyperlink fields to the query:

jdwc_WebsiteURL  content = www.jackdaws.org.uk
jdwc_Facebook content = www.facebook.com/JackdawsMusic?ref=ts
jdwc_Twitter content = http://twitter.com.share

These now link to the websites from within the PDF :>)

It would however be better to show 'FaceBook' and 'Tweet' instead of the URLs

How do I substitute in the SQL statement please.

The icing on the cake would be to use a graphic on the report and put the URL behind the graphic
SELECT tJDWPayments.jdwp_BookingRef, tJDWPayments.jdwp_Payment, tJDWPayments.jdwp_Amount, tJDWPayments.jdwp_Date, tJDWPayments.jdwp_RcptNo, tJDWPayments.jdwp_PayType, tJDWPayments.jdwp_Refund, tJDWEvents.jdwe_Type, tJDWPayments.jdwp_Event, tJDWPayments.jdwp_Member, tJDWEvents.jdwe_Desc, tJDWEvents.jdwe_StartDate, tJDWEvents.jdwe_EndDate, tJDWEvents.jdwe_Time, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Party, tJDWBookings.jdwb_BBreq, tJDWBookings.jdwb_BBStartDate, tJDWBookings.jdwb_NoSingle, tJDWBookings.jdwb_NoTwin, tJDWBookings.jdwb_NoDouble, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Family, tJDWBookings.jdwb_EnSuitePref, tJDWBookings.jdwb_DisabledAccess, tJDWBookings.jdwb_People, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Nights, tJDWBookings.jdwb_TotFee, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Discount, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Deposit, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Donation, tJDWBookings.jdwb_BBCharge, tJDWBookings.jdwb_TotPaid, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Balance, tJDWBookings.jdwb_BalDate, tJDWBookings.jdwb_DepPaidDate, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Observer, tJDWBookings.jdwb_Extras, tContact.con_Title, tContact.con_FirstName, tContact.con_LastName, tContact.con_Suffix, tContact.con_Address1, tContact.con_Address2, tContact.con_Address3, tContact.con_TownCity, tContact.con_CountyState, tContact.con_PostcodeZip, tContact.con_Country, tContact.con_Email, tContact.con_Email2, tJDWPayments.jdwp_RcptText1, tJDWPayments.jdwp_RcptText2, tJDWControl.jdwc_WebsiteURL, tJDWControl.jdwc_Facebook, tJDWControl.jdwc_Twitter
FROM tJDWControl, ((tJDWBookings INNER JOIN tContact ON tJDWBookings.jdwb_Member = tContact.con_ContactId) INNER JOIN tJDWEvents ON tJDWBookings.jdwb_Event = tJDWEvents.jdwe_EventID) INNER JOIN tJDWPayments ON (tJDWBookings.jdwb_BookingID = tJDWPayments.jdwp_BookingRef) AND (tJDWEvents.jdwe_EventID = tJDWPayments.jdwp_Event) AND (tContact.con_ContactId = tJDWPayments.jdwp_Member)
WHERE (((tJDWPayments.jdwp_Payment)=[Forms]![fJDWEventPay]![jdwp_Payment]));

Open in new window

Ok, the hyperlink field contains a Text to Display, the URL, the subaddress etc.

To change the Text to Display is to enter a Value like this:
jdwc_Twitter content = http://twitter.com.share#

So in the Field you see Facebook and the URL is www.facebook.com/JackdawsMusic?ref=ts
jdwc_Twitter content = http://twitter.com.share.

To enter a Hyperlink for a embedded Graphic / picture, go to the Picture, properties, Format, then in Hyperlink Address you can enter the URL to your needs.
MikeDTEAuthor Commented:
Got it working now.  I used Twitter and Facebook images in the end because it saved trying to change the text display.  If anybody out there knows where to download some high quality FB and T images let me know please
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