Network device with wrong IP

I have a device on my network that has the wrong network address.  Currently it is configured for network which is the network it can from.  My network is so I can't even ping the device  much less browse into it even though it is plugged into the same switch.  I am wondering if there is a way to address the device short of doing a factory reset on it by setting up a route table.
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yap assign an ip address from range like, but if u mean that u dont know the exact ip address of the device, then after assigning u need to do ip scan using :
and scan the range , u will get a live ip which would b d device, then access it ,

Gary DewrellSenior Network AdministratorCommented:
Sure, Set the ip address on your pc to
Now you are on the same netwrok. Connect to it, make your changes, setup your IP back to normal.
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Well you don't need any 3rd part software to find the IP of the switch.  Just do as mentioned above, set your PC IP to an address in the same network then from your PC ping the network broadcast address.  If the network IP range is then the broadcast address would be

Then from the command line on your PC issue the arp -a command and you will see the IP of the switch.
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