WSDL - Generating Client and Server code - JAX-WS.

I have a very simple WSDL, just defines one method..

I think its possible to create both the Client and Server stubs from this - is this the case? I have tried to do this via Eclipse, but its produces some very complicated code.

Is there a simpler procedure/tool ?

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MolkoAuthor Commented:
OK Thanks

Not suew what Axis is, but am pretty sure that the Eclispe generator uses it - I w references to it littered over the generated code

chaitu chaituCommented:
am not sure what eclipse is using it.if you go thorugh the links then you will better understand axis and how easy it is compared to other tools
MolkoAuthor Commented:
Thankyou, will do.

Does it make a difference if I have an https endpoint ? i.e secure
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