Unable to build Addtional Domain Controler

Hi all
     I have the following issues need help. In my company's system is the DC running 2008 (PDC). I want to add on Domain Controler on BDC, the building process takes place very quickly.
The Status completion is successfull. There are the following phenomena occur.
      - Default Folder not share Sysvol and Netlogon . In these folder is empty.
      - User in AD and system policy can't replicate.
  So when I turn on the DC normal operation but It turn off , BDC can't authentication for user workstation
I tried to made BDC several times and still not be.
      Can you help me? Sincere thanks.
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First, run dcdiag on both DCs to see if there are any errors to correct.
iWarrior3Author Commented:
  Error Information dcdiag on DC  
Starting test: KccEvent
   An Error Event occurred.  EventID: 0xC0000583
      Time Generated: 12/10/2011   16:11:56
      EvtFormatMessage failed, error 15100 Win32 Error 15100.
      (Event String (event log = Directory Service) could not be
      retrieved, error 0x3afc)
   An Error Event occurred.  EventID: 0xC0000583
      Time Generated: 12/10/2011   16:11:59
      EvtFormatMessage failed, error 15100 Win32 Error 15100.
      (Event String (event log = Directory Service) could not be
      retrieved, error 0x3afc)

  Error information Dcdiag at BDC
Testing server: XUONG\BDC
   Starting test: Advertising
      Warning: DsGetDcName returned information for \\DC.ntvinhmy.com, when
      we were trying to reach BDC.
      ......................... BDC failed test Advertising
   Starting test: FrsEvent
      There are warning or error events within the last 24 hours after the
      SYSVOL has been shared.  Failing SYSVOL replication problems may cause
      Group Policy problems.
     Can you help me guide fix it. Thanks you!
iWarrior3Author Commented:
  On BDC, I share folder SysVol and Scripts ( Sharename: NETLOGON), then restart BDC these directories are not be share again.
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Check if your DNS has necessary records for the new dc ("BDC"). If not, verify that "BDC"'s DNS server is set to "DC"'s IP, enable any kind of DNS update on "DC" and then type

ipconfig /registerdns

at the "BDC". Also restart the Netlogon service at "BDC". Wait a few minutes and reboot "BDC" to see if it solved the problem.
You shouldn't share the Netlogon folder manually. The system will share it automatically when it is ready to receive logon requests.
Shibu KuttanSenior Server AdministratorCommented:
Darius GhassemCommented:
Please post the whole dcdiag.


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iWarrior3Author Commented:
  Thanks all. I had find solution with "dcdiag" command. Close Topic
Darius GhassemCommented:
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