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Hello EE. We are looking into getting a 100Meg circuit. We got a couple of quotes for Cogent and Light Tower. Since our facilities are not lit for fiber it would be to costly to do so. So Light Tower although the better solution after comparing both SLAs (Tower guarantees bandwith and throughput and Cogent doesn't) is too costly. I was wondering if anyone uses Cogent and is satisfied or is there another solution. At the moment it would be just for data.
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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
I reckon Cogent knows why they don't guarantee any performance ... from an ISP's standpoint, prior experience, and their general record and reputation, buying cheapest gets you exactly that ...
If Internet access is important to your company's operations, consider getting dual links for backup purposes ... or, if you do decide to go with only one uplink, consider paying more for guaranteed services ... also, make sure you at least have minimum performance numbers put in the contract, allowing you to get out prematurely if the ISP doesn't deliver ...
InSearchOfAuthor Commented:
Got ya. Thanks
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