Unable to create profile in remote desktop

I have added a new terminal server to our domain. The existing terminal server allows me to logon using either a roaming or local profile my default is roaming. The roaming profile is created under my user name in user properties under active directory. This new terminal server will allow me to logon but only as a termporary profile. I have only added myself to the local remote desktop users group on that server. What am I missing?
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Why not use the Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Profile under Active Directory Users and Computers?  This is sepeate to your normal User Profile.

What is your standard profile a .v1 profile or .v2 profile i.e. Windows XP/2003 or Windows 7/2008?  If you're using a Windows v1 profile and your new server is Windows 2008 it will attempt to create a .v2 profile, you may want to check the event logs to see if there are any errors creating the profile, for example permissions etc...

cebu1014Author Commented:
The roaming profile directory did not have me as the owner of the folder only the domain admin group of which I am a member. Once I changed the ownership of the folder to myself , it worked. Funny the other terminal server had no problem with is permission setup only the new terminal server.
cebu1014Author Commented:
Found issue with further study.
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