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Hi, I'm learning Objective-C. I've quickly realized that my success as a programmer in Objective-C will be directly proportional to my understanding of the Classes and their Methods that are contained in the Foundation Framework. However, there are dozens and dozens of Classes and hundreds of not thousands of Methods contained therein.

I know there are no shortcuts to becoming a successful programmer, but there are better ways than others to do certain things, so my question is - what is the best way to learn which classes are available in the Foundation Framework and which Methods each of those Classes offers?

In other words, do I simply read through Apples documentation for these tools, should I purchase an O'Reilly book that may list them out in a simple dictionary fashion, should I use the online code assistance as I move though my different example, is there an online website that would be more effective or efficient, etc.

Again, I'm not asking for a shortcut, so that I don't have to put forth the effort, I'm asking for a "best approach" way to learning an huge amount of tools.

Thanks for your help,
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Hi Mr Fulano,

Your question depends on how you learn things.  If you are a theoretical person then buy a book on beginning iOS programming and start reading.  The other option is to get in and start doing projects.  There is a tutorial on about anything.

What I think the trick is, is to know what to search google for and you only know this if you have read something.  Thus a reference book that you have skimmed is in my opinion the best start.  

1.  Get an overview of what makes up an App - views / controllers / starting - this you can learn with "my first iPhone app"
2.  Use the book to get an idea only of what is available.
3.  Start a project and then use google -  add "tutorial" or "example" to the back of everything you search.

If you do some of these Ray Wenderlich you will have a great start.

The best way is to make real projects.
In the real project you'll face really interesting features and will have to go deeper and learn the documents.

I am an .net programmer now jumping on iPhone app development. My take is first master Objective - C and make your OOP's concepts "CRYSTAL CLEAR". Once you have this in your arsenal then rest becomes a piece of cake. Your thought process matters a lot when dealing with programming. Try Programming_in_Objective_C_4th_Edition_Kochan and i think you should be in good position.
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